About our staff - Phil and Jane   

In terms of being in safe hands for your session, an UTTA course at is a no-brainer. The recording studio is both professional and very informal, providing all the fundamental resources generally provided to professional musicians as well as a relaxed atmosphere.

Phil has a very long track record of recording and production experience in a variety of studios stretching back to the eighties. He has been providing recording studio experience days alongside professional recording projects since the inception of the studio on the Powys Shropshire border in 1999. He works extremely quickly and patiently in a wide variety of styles, from classical to dubstep, and his approachable manner wins out in a wide variety of recording situations.

Jane has a great many years' involvement in songwriting and music development, and ten years' experience in the studio. With a classical training, Jane adds specific arrangement skills to the equation which are useful in the building of new ideas.

Staff are equally at home working with professional musicians or amateur sing in the shower divas, and anyone in between. We have an open mind and enjoy our recording sessions and we hope you will too! Our reviews show that we cater extremely well for the great diversity of talent that walks through our doors.

UTTA provides very clear guidelines for the content of courses, making it clear what will be provided educationally.


About the Recording Experience    

The experience is not only fun and very rewarding, but extremely flexible and can entail any recording activity from a very wide listing, including singing to studio backings of all genres, instrumental days, songwriter courses, music production coaching and spoken recordings. More...

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About UTTA Music     

UTTA Courses

UTTA provides active courses such as music production courses, songwriting courses, vocal workshops and language courses.

You can find out more about UTTA recommendations at the Utta website.

About the Studio

The recording studio is bristling with up to the minute hardware and software which is detailed on the professional recording website for Recording Studio. Just as importantly, our staff have worked in this environment for more than a decade, where they have built up very high order recording studio skill levels. This means that end results are usually achieved efficiently and effectively.

The studio is not only kitted out for fabulous recording and production work, but we have a large array of pianos, guitars, bass guitars, a drum kit, violins, and a wide variety of microphones. Should you be unable to bring your instrument, there is most likely help at hand. If you have any queries about our studio or equipment then please contact us.

Click here to see a video which shows most of our principal equipment :

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