Band Recording  - £350   

The Band Recording Day is a great chance to try out in the studio for the first time or to revisit earlier skills. As an experience it will offer you the chance to understand more about the recording process, to lay down some of your material, and cut it to CD, and to find out what may be involved if you want to record a demo or an album.

Your engineer is highly experienced in working with bands of all types, and the end product was cited by DJ Alex Baker of Kerrang! Radio as being "certainly good enough for radio play".

The band recording lasts six hours and we make our drum kit and studio equipment entirely available to you should you wish. In addition, Phil is able to advise you on instrumentation and vocal notions, ensuring that your end product is properly produced as well as simply recorded.

The Band Recording is chosen by many stag night organisers as it offers a chance to "get the band back together" and re-live old pleasures. We also make a large furnished conservatory available to you should you wish to bring food or drink.

The minimum time for a Band Recording is 6 hours because of the amount of setting up, and this costs £250. Considering this voucher is only £50 more than the recording experience day for one, it represents extremely good value for money - and you may well be back for more after your first taste, as even our professional customers find our rates compare very favourably for a recording/producer service of this quality.

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"Phil really knew his way around the studio and we watched open mouthed as he corrected notes, tightened things up and mixed it all at a speed of knots!! The final product, although very silly (as it was intended) is really fantastic – I don’t think we’ll be climbing to the top of the charts with “Follow Through” but the quality of recording was certainly good enough for national radio play..." DJ Alex Baker, Radio Kerrang!

Band video

For an additional £100 you can record a band video. Here is one which was recorded s part of a stag event.





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