The Experience     

A great deal of thought goes into our recording studio experiences. And no two sessions are ever the same, or even remotely similar. So although we encourage you to define your experience in various ways, the fact is, we are working towards your musical objectives.

For a simple run down on the contents of each type of experience, please click one of these headers.

singing to backings
songwriter days
music production
musical instrument / drumming days
pop video creation

What could you do?     

You may simply want to sing a few current tracks to backings. But we will guide you with vocals, maybe harmonies, microphone technique, and sometimes choice of track.

You may really want to create some tracks of your own and follow a songwriter day, with some music production elements, or bring your guitar and add in parts to your own tracks or covers. This can also be arranged.

Days range from traditional pop star singing experiences down to music production, musical experiences, songwriting experiences and many more variations.

You may choose from our wide range of options and most options can be bought as 3, 4, 5 or 10 hr sessions, although there are a couple of exceptions . All of our vouchers are flexible so that even if you book for one type of recording, you can still change your mind and have a different experience.

Once most people have got into the recording rhythm they invariably find the process and activities both fascinating and addictive, as well as being great fun.

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Once you've decided what you fancy recording, you just have to choose the number of hours. The Songwriter and the Drummer Experience require a 5 hr day as a minimum.

three hour recording voucher 3hr Recording Voucher (£160)

4hr Recording Voucher (£200)

five hour recording voucher 5hr Recording Voucher (£250)      

ten hour recording voucher 10hr Recording Voucher (£450)


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Themed Recording Experiences
Abba Recording Experiences
Aretha Franklin Studio Experience
Beach Boys Recording Experience
Beatles Recording Experiences
Bee Gees Studio Experience
Blondie Recording Studio Experience
Bob Marley Studio Experience
David Bowie Recording Experience
Diana Ross Recording Studio Experience
Bob Dylan Recording Experiences
Elton John Recording Experience
Elvis Recording Studio Experience
Eric Clapton Studio Experience
Fleetwood Mac Studio Experience
Frank Sinatra Experiences
George Michael Studio Experience
Gilbert and Sullivan Experience
Led Zeppelin Recording Experience
Madonna Studio Experiences
Mariah Carey Recording Experience
Marvin Gaye Recording Experience
Neil Diamond Studio Experience
Otis Redding Studio Experiences
Queen Recording Experiences
Robbie Williams Singing Experience
The Rolling Stones Experience
Whitney Houston Studio Experience
U2 Recording Studio Experience
Tina Turner Recording Studio Experience
Tom Jones Studio Experience
Steps Recording Studio Experience
Stevie Wonder Recording Experiences
Sugababes Recording Studio Experience

Instrumental Recording Experiences
Cello Experience
Clarinet Experience
Drumming Recording Studio Experience
Flute Experience
Guitar Experience
Horn Experience
Piano Experience
Saxophone Experience
Trumpet Experience
Violin Experience

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How things work

Our experiences are suitable for beginners right up to the professionals and are tailored to the individual. All sessions are broken down into separate stages and our studio engineer/producer will organise with you in terms of the day's activities, what is required and a target or goal. The stages that take place will depend on the experience chosen but here are some of the things that your experience might include.

Your experience can include:
- 3, 4, 5 or 10 hours with a professional engineer / producer
- Use of the recording studio's hardware and software as appropriate to your project.
- A commercial standard disc or mp3 of your track /tracks.
- Tuning and editing assistance of the highest quality and production help with original music.
- Use of the studio instruments and equipment.

- Use of the studio lounge with 42" plasma screen television/DVD.
- Photography and video facilities.
- Possibility of uploading your finished work to .
- The studio is set in a beautiful remote location.

Staff are CRB checked Recording booth at the studio

Some of our most popular experiences include:

Pop Star Experience - Come to the recording studio and sing your favourite songs. Take a look how the recording and production aspects work .

Music Production Workshops
- UT-TA Music Production Workshops are not only fun and enjoyable but also very educational. If you have a keen interest in production or even have a little experience in the field then this course is perfect to give you an insight into the world of production.

Songwriting Experiences
- Have the amazing experience of writing, producing and cutting your own song to CD in 5 hours. UT-TA songwriting days are rewarding, fun and leave you with something original to appreciate.

Musician Days - During a guitar experience or a drumming experience, or whatever instrument you choose, you can add your part to famous covers. Alternatively you can record solo or with vocals, or build in your instrument as a part of a production.

If you're having trouble with this and not quite sure what the day includes then please feel free to contact us.

Here is a list of all the experiences we have carried out to date. We offer, although we are always open to new ideas and have the facilities to record just about any instrument or combination.

Themed Recording Experiences [See List]
Instrumental Experiences [See List]

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Music Recording Experiences
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