Musician Recording     

As in many of our sessions, there are many things you can do during a recording studio experience. A little tuition may also be included for beginners.

Essentially, during a musician experience you play and record your instrument with or without other instruments and with or without vocals, depending on the type of music involved. You then learn about how to edit your performance and take home a commercial quality CD at the end of the day.

Drumming Experience : This allows you to drum to a professional multi-track and record yourself playing the drum part of some of your favourite tracks. We also build in some drum tuition for beginners. You then take away a CD of your edited efforts.

Guitar Experience : If the guitar is your chosen instrument, you can either record the guitar sections of a multitrack, or you can record solo, depending on what style of guitar playing you enjoy. Or you can combine guitar playing with your own vocals, or test out the guitar synthesiser software at the studio, transforming your instrument sounds to any type of guitar voice you like.

Piano Experience : If you are a pianist or keyboardist and would like to come and record some of your favourite music at the studio - this is something that many do, to have a record of their playing at its peak. However you can also use the piano creatively in a recording session, learn how to contribute to an overall mix, or use the keyboards to write an entire track, including all the instrumentation. Piaon and vocals is also another option. We have a number of pianos and an endless range of piano voices and synths which could all be a part of your session.

To date, we have carried out the following music experience types at : Drumming, Guitar, Piano, Keyboards, Saxophone, Flute, Horn, Harp, Double Bass, Bass Guitar, Clarinet, Violin, Cello, Trumpet, and we also have considerable experience of recording medieval and folk instruments professionally. So nothing is likely to faze us!

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Music Producer Course

Sometimes multi-instrumentalists prefer to follow a music-producer session, bringing in all elements of their knowledge. The music production day allows you to use Cubase in conjunction with or instead of live instruments, in order to fully produce more complex tracks . Click here for more information

Video possibilities

A video of one of your experience tracks costs £100.

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