Party Recording     

The Party Recording can be used for any sort of group event, and can cater for up to 12 participants.

It can be used for a birthday party recording, a hen party recording, a team building activity, a stag event, or any sort of celebration. Some book it as a joint party with a couple of family birthdays together.

A Party Experience is generally used for singing to backings. Choose your favourite tracks and enjoy singing them with all your mates. Alternatively, if anyone plays instruments and you'd prefer to record with a real accompaniment, all well and good also!

Then you take home a commercial grade recording of your day on CD or MP3.

Birthday party video

Within the price of the Party Recording you may use the large studio conservatory and table for your food and drink, and for a "cooling off area" between tracks.

A great way to let your hair down with all your friends.

You can even build in an overland hike through the beautiful countryside to arrive at the studio as a surprise!

If £250 seems a trifle expensive for a kids' party, we are happy to cater for 4-5 under 16 children at £160, the same price as the individual 3 hour experience - provided that they are well supervised. Please contact the studio to arrange this. This is the only concession we make on our prices, which already represent extremely good value for money.

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Party Formats

As well as birthdays, your party recording may be used to celebrate a variety of events. These are the more typical occasions we are asked to provide recording parties for:

Team Building Experience ( £350 for three hours)   
Stag Party Recordings
( £350 for three hours)   
Hen Party Recordings
( £350 for three hours)

Video Option

You can opt to have a video with your party recording at £100 extra. We have several great examples of birthday party and party videos which we can make available to you for private viewing.

Check out our video page. Party video available for viewing on request.