Team Building Recording     

The three hour group recording is also an excellent experience for team building purposes. The choice of material is down to your team members. You then take home a CD of your recordings - with Youtube upload being available if you have selected a video also.

This is usually a singing to backings experience and your staff are free to devise their own method of performance - with who sings what and how being the choice of the team members. You can all sing together or all take roles. Or you can introduce your own instruments if required and feasible.

Add in a video and they can also devise their own choreography and bring home the evidence of their day, or upload it even.

You could even run your own company charts!

We are flexible enough to offer you whatever help you require during your session in terms of preparation, and wiling to discuss whatever variations you may plan for your day.

You could start with an orienteering component to the studio - with the singing being the icing on the cake.

Bound to bring out hidden talents and enhance confidence and a spirit of teamwork, as well as competition, this day also provides you with a lasting souvenir of your team's achievements.

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Make Your own Advert

In an interesting variation on the team building recording experience, we can offer an advertisement building session, where you create your own original music and soundtrack to a radio or TV advertisement. You could even record a company song! Like any other variation you may suggest, this item will require costing out, depending on time required, creative assistance, and whether video is to be incorporated.

The project is yours to devise, we have all the audio and visual expertise and equipment required for most commercial media products.

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