What next?     

After you have had your recording studio experience, you may have a variety of reactions.

Many people take part in experiences purely for recreation and fun, but even so, you may want to extend this into a regular activity, or you may want to take part in other social activities involving music.

However, for other people, a recording experience at can spark an interest in personal or professional development. If you're fired up to take things more seriously, and visualise a career or a more involved future in music, then we may be able to help you in a number of ways.

Original tracks


Any tracks you record at may be made available to the public on our downloads website, . From here, tracks become very searchable and people looking for your tracks by name on the internet can find them. We can also arrange for you to distribute your tracks to all the major distributors such as iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and so forth.

We also offer a service of coding your tracks to identify them (ISRC and EAN) and give you information about how to deal with the PRS and MCPs for the purpose of gaining royalties.

Vocalist and musician opportunities

is a newly developing record label and music publisher connected with recording studio, and is interested in promoting the careers and assisting in the musical development of musically talented individuals.

Additionally, we work with a number of songwriters who are often in need of vocalists to sing their work.

Open Mic Nights and Performance

Involved intensively inthe local community, organises Open Mic Nights at a variety of venues to promote their artists and source new artists and local talent. These are great opportunities to have some exposure and just to get used to singing and performing in public, and well as a chance to get a video made of your performance - we video all performances, and upload selectively to our Youtube account. Open Mic Nights are relaxed and informal, and often a great way to meet other artists and develop a performing perspective. You can get on the mailing list for these nights from website.

We also periodically agent for artists, and may put your name forward for a gig if you're suitable.


We are very willing to use our web building facility toproviding our customers with unique commercial artist websites - Megaviz is our in-house website design company. Our websites are extremely well optimised, and we are able to work with new artists to develop image ideas and create an original and contemporary portfolio online reflecting artist ideas and inspiration. Please enquire for details.

The next stage

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Our Charts contain the latest output from the studio this year in a variety of genres.
Please "like" tracks, as this will influence where they lie in the charts. Please visit us at the Beehouse if you want to be in our charts!


Caroline Peel

We also have video production and photography facilities here at the studio to accompany and enhance the cutting edge audio services we provide. Our studio videos start at £100 and can be uploaded to Youtube and viewed by family and friends at a given link. Our professional recording and editing rates start at £450 per day. For professional and location videos, please contact us for a quote.
Click here to see some recent videos.


Part of our work within the music industry revolves around building contracts between songwriters and vocalists. We do listen carefully to all the artists who attend for recording studio sessions, and occasionally can identify someone with talent on a scale that may be commercially viable, or particularly suitable for a specific project. At this point, or shortly afterwards we may approach them to try out for a contract. If you are fortunate enough to sign a contract with , you may benefit from a whole raft of other services including assistance with radio play and wider distributions and promotions.